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Parents Association

About Us 

We are a group of parents who meet on a regular basis to discuss and organise events for children and parents of Southwark Park Primary School. We also run events to raise money for charities and the school.

This year we have had regular coffee mornings for parents to get together and socialise.

If any parent would like to join the PTA, all meetings and events will be published on this website so please feel free to come along and see Kirsty Lane or Lee Duncan for more information.


Chair - Kirsty Laney
Vice-chair - vacant


  • Charlotte Howard
  • Kerry McSweeney
  • Tammy Collins
  • Zainepe Buzhala
  • Nicola Connors
  • Samantha Clarke
  • Shelley Eaton
  • Keeley Brown
  • Katy Watson


  • Karen Foreman
  • Kirsty Laney
  • Lee Duncan

Staff members liaise between the school and the Parents Association.

New members are always welcome, please speak to anyone about joinging.



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