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School Council

Southwark Park Primary School has an active School Council that meets each week with Mr Vernalls.

Each class has two school council representative who are elected at the beginning of the school year.  They attend meetings and report back to class, often asking for information or opinions to take to the next school council meeting.

A message from the School Council

We wanted to become School Councillors for lots of reasons:

"To make the school a better place" - Niamh Y4

"To help other people be nice to each other and to make the school a nice place to be" - Caitlin Y3

"I want to make sure that everyone's thoughts count and they feel like they are being listened to" - Caitlin Y6

"I wanted to join the school council to help people around me and to make new friends" - Abigail Y4

" I wanted to join the school council because it's exciting and I enjoy the meetings about how we can help the school" - Tai Y4

" I want people to know school is a good place, I can show people how to be nice, kind and respect each other" - Naomi Y3

" I wanted to join school council because I like to help other people" - Violeta Y3

Why does School Council matter?

It’s so that the children get listened to as well. We got chosen by a fair vote by all the children. That’s democracy and it’s good for us; everyone has a say and it’s fair. If it was only the teachers’ voices that wouldn’t be enough and it wouldn’t be so good. It’s only the children who really know what the children would think and would do a good job at saying what that is.

These are some of the things that we are proud to have done this year:

We bought wet play and Golden time toys for every class. First we went to the classes to see what they have and what they want. Then we bought them and shared them out.

We visited the Recycling Centre with the Eco Club so we could find out more about what happens to our litter and how we can re-cycle it to make the planet greener.

We made a petition to ask for fruit for the Juniors and got everyone to sign it. It worked!

We had a big celebration picnic in the park with other children who do jobs in the school.

We gave feed-back to the teachers about trips and topics that children have enjoyed learning about.

We helped to choose things for the new school – like the colours of the walls, the chairs, the climbing frame …

We worked with other children and helped to review the behaviour policy and to write the playtime policy with Louise and the Midday Meals Supervisors.

We showed visitors around in the new school when we first came here.

We reviewed play-times and bought and shared out new playground equipment, writing classes’ names on it so it stayed fair.

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