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Peer Mediators

These are your Peer Mediators

We have some photos below of the whole Peer Mediator team.

We can also see a couple of peer mediators chatting with fellow pupils.

Our group of peer mediators wrote the following statement explaining how peer mediation works in the school.

Peer Mediation at Southwark Park School

As peer mediators we help people to be friends because we want there to be fewer arguments in our school.

People come to us if they have had an argument, but only if they would like to. They don’t have to come to us. We’re not mini-teachers; we’re just here to help sort out the problem.

If people come to us we respect them and we listen carefully to what they say. We start by welcoming them to peer mediation and we introduce our selves.

We explain our ground rules:

- Show respect.

- Listen to each other.

- Don’t speak over anyone else.

- Don’t talk about the mediation afterwards.

We also make promises:

-          We won’t judge or take sides.

-          We won’t tell anyone what to do.

-          We won’t talk about what happened in mediation to others (unless we’re worried about anything, when we would talk to an adult about it).

We ask people to tell us what happened. We repeat back what’s been said to us so that we get it right and so people know we are listening. Then we help them to decide how to put things right. They come up with their own solution. If we can’t help to solve the problem then we speak to an adult.

Basically, we try to make peace so the school is friendly. We want our school to be the best school ever.