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Eco Group

The Eco Group meets each week with Ms Rutherford.  Recently they have been working hard on recycling within our new school premises.

If you have batteries that need to be recycled there is a box in the entrance area where you can put them.

In the playground there are 5 groups of 3 bins.  Each bin is for a different type of waste.  They have labels on them to remind people what kind of waste goes into each bin and are colour co-ordinated

  • Green - Fruit waste
  • Red - Landfill; thin plastics & other waste.
  • Blue - Tins, can & glass.  Mixed paper & card. Plastic packaging.


The Eco Group in action

The photos below show the Eco Group with a set of playground bins and an Eco Group meeting taking place in the playground.

Recycling centre visit

In the Autumn term we visited the Recycling Centre to learn how our waste is sorted and used for recycling.

We then wrote a Call and response chant to help people remember the basics!

Eco Club Are Here to Help You!

We are the Eco Club, here to help you,
Sort out your rubbish, don’t make us blue!
Land should be useful, green and bright.
Don’t use landfill, what an ugly sight!
Renewable resources are the answer to…
Lots of problems, not just a few!
Wind! Thermal!  And Solar! are new,
But give us energy without the CO2!
Recycling may seem boring, at first glance,
But paper, cans and plastic - deserve a second chance!
We are the Eco Club, we recycle too!