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Diversity Day- Autism Awareness

Monday 27th March was a Diversity Day.  This time, the focus was on autism awareness as part of National Autism Awareness Week.  The F.A. B. team ran some interactive workshops helping the children to understand a bit more about what it means and how it feels to have autism.  We were grateful to have three visitors (Clare, Sylvia and Yemi) come in to talk about their experience of having an autistic child.  This was so interesting and helpful.  All the children also watched a BBC ‘Newsround’ special called ‘My Autism and Me’ (you can find it on Youtube).  Some of our other exercises included solving a very difficult brainteaser whilst listening to really loud music and cymbals crashing.  This helped us to empathise with how a classroom can sound like to children with autism. 

Here are some thoughts from the children:

‘I learnt that all people with autism don’t act the same.’

Macy, Robin Class

‘My thought is that we should not judge them by their behaviour or how they react to things differently.  Sometimes you have to be patient.’

Nfemi, Sycamore Class

A word from some of the children in the F.A.B. team:

‘In our exercises, we talked about communication and spoke about the difficulties that autistic might be going through while speaking and listening.  In the activity, the children had to explain something without using any words containing the letter ‘e’.  We reflected on how this felt and considered how hard it would be if talking was this much of a struggle everyday.’

Marie, Willow Class

‘Our activity station was about how change can be difficult for people with autism.  We asked the children how it felt being forced to try new and strange food and explained that dealing with changes like a different teacher or a toy in a different place can feel for some people with autism.  We also talked about some famous and successful people who have autism.’

Ella, Starling Class