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Year 3

Class teachers

Robin - Ms Barlow

Sparrow - Ms Grant

Welcome to Robin and Sparrow! 

We will start this year by reading traditional stories, inspired by our theme of ‘Around Our World’ and writing our own fable based on a short film. We will be continuing to write a range of genres, including narratives, across the year. We’ll also make the

After half term, we will journey back in time to the Stone Age! The children will learn to make Stone Age tools, create cave paintings and consider how the discovery of iron changed people’s lives forever. In spring we will be learning all about the Romans and their invasion of Britain, then discover fate of Pompeii and visit the Natural History Museum to investigate volcanoes and earthquakes.

The children will be taking to the stage in Summer 1, visiting the Globe theatre and writing their own story about Shakespeare. Finally, we’ll celebrate the 150th anniversary of Southwark Park by learning all about the plants and animals in our local environment.


This term Robin and Sparrow class will have P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be focusing on health and well-being and our balancing and coordination skills, following the FUNS program of study. All children must change into full P.E. kit to participate, consisting of white t-shirt, navy/black shorts and trainers.


Homework will be set on a Friday afternoon and handed in on a Wednesday. There will be skills practise based on class work. Spellings will reflect the topic and high frequency words.


The children will read to adults on a regular basis, in a group and independently. Every day they will need their book bags, including reading books and reading records, which they will need to write a comment in. Please read with your child at home and encourage reading for pleasure. At Southwark Park we now use Accelerated Reader, so children will be using iPads to do comprehension tests on all the books that they read to deepen their understanding, and earning prizes for reading enough and understanding their books well.

 We are looking forward to a fantastic year together in Year 3!

Miss Barlow and Miss Grant


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