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Southwark Park Savings Club

Southwark Park Primary School is pleased to be part of the ‘LifeSavers’ financial education programme, partnering with our local credit union. This partnership has enabled us to set up our own in-school savings club, which will now be open to Years 3-6. This provides pupils a fantastic educational opportunity to learn about effectively managing their personal finances, an important skill now and for life. The savings club will provide real life, hands-on money experiences for your children to help them develop into financially confident young people. They will learn about saving and setting savings targets for things they want. The emphasis will not be on the amount they save but developing a positive savings habit. All amounts saved, no matter how small, will be welcomed.

Our savings club is run by our own Year 6 volunteers and runs: Every Tuesday from 8.30am-8.55am in our Multimedia room

If you would like to join our Savings Club please contact Miss Hogg to get an application form.