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Playground and Class Charters

During these past few weeks, the whole school has been involved in creating a playground charter. Throughout Playground Week, the Rights Respecting Team ran workshops. Each class focused on one right and made a list of ways to make sure that right is respected by everyone in the playground. This led to a list of forty-one points. We took all of the forty - one points and reduced them to ten points that cover all of the rights. These ten points make up the playground charter.

We made a film to introduce our Rights Respecting Playground Charter. Please watch it!

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At the beginning of every year, each class creates their own Class Charter which focuses on the rights of the child. Every class charter references specific Articles from the UNCRC and has actions for children to respect the rights of others and themselves. The charter also includes actions for adults as Duty Bearers to ensure that rights are being upheld and respected.