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Phonics at SPPS


Phonics and Southwark Park

We use the “Letters and Sounds” phonics programme to deliver systematic phonics lessons with the aim that the children become fluent readers by age seven. The children are taught how to decode text by segmenting words into phonemes (the smallest units of sound) and then to blend them into words. Children then use this knowledge to segment words when spelling. At Southwark Park we embed a consistent whole school approach which is supported by scheduled assessment, targeted interventions and commitment to pace and rigour. We continue to ensure children use strategies and strengthen their spelling capability as they progress into KS2.


Phonics is taught every day in Early Years and Key Stage 1 using the “Letters and Sounds” teaching programme.

The teaching and learning of high frequency words is included in the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. The 2014 curriculum set out common exception words and these are also taught.


Screening Check

In 2016 the children in Year 1 took part in the national Phonics Screening Check. 83% of the children achieved the expected standard.  Some of the children in Year 2 re-took the assessment and 80% of those children achieved the expected standard. 

The teaching sessions follow the “letters and Sounds” teaching sequence, below:  letter_and_sounds_sequence.PNGletter_and_sounds_sequence.PNG