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F.A.B Team

The Friends Against Bullying team (or F.A.B. team for short) are a group of children who have been specially trained to help keep our school free from bullying.  They know that it is important to understand what bullying is (not just an argument or a one off incident) and they know all about the different forms that bullying may take (verbal, physical, cyber etc).  Their job is to pass these messages to the rest of the school community and to be available to anyone who wants a friend or someone to talk to.  

They also run regular Diversity Days when we celebrate our differences. So far, we have had Diversity Days on gender, 'smarts' (multiple intelligence), disability awareness, storytelling (with traditional stories and songs from the UK and around the world) and autism awareness.  

Our Smarts Day film! 

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The staff were interviewed by the F.A.B. team and talked about the things they found easy at school and the things they struggled with.  They all said very different things!  This helped the children to learn the message of the Smarts Day - the question is not 'how smart are you?', but 'how are you smart?'