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At Southwark Park we aim to provide a rich, engaging curriculum for all children.  We will continue to embed the new curriculum and strengthen the quality of provision this year, particularly around promoting British Values.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process and should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone; it should be fun. Through our teaching we equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be able to make informed choices about the important things in their lives. 

We aim to engage children in a stimulating, rewarding and challenging environment with high quality teaching through which to foster:

Children who have a keen sense of their own progress, take pride in achievement and have a desire to succeed, seeing themselves as having limitless possibilities in their learning;
• Children who are literate and numerate;
• Enquiring, active minds that are excited by learning and want to learn more each day;
• Attitudes to learning so that children enjoy challenge, cope confidently with risk and failure, have the stamina and resilience to keep going, and see mistakes as something to learn from;
• Children who are independent and confident in their approach to learning, who persevere in their determination to be successful and make learning their own;
• Children’s ability to consider options, make informed choices and solve problems;
• Children who are flexible and able to support and cooperate with others, and understand the importance of nurturing good relationships;
• Imagination and creative expression through a wide range of media;
• Conscientious and responsible young citizens of our diverse society who are tolerant and respect others’ values;
• Effective links between the school, the child’s home and the community which encourage aspiration and high expectations;
• Equality of opportunity for all;

For more information please click on the curriculum header on the homepage to see information for each year group

To find out more about the curriculum taught in each year group, contact the school office, who will ensure that you are directed to the person most able to respond to your query.



Please bring rainboots and wear warm clothes to school.

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