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Year 4

Class teachers

Magpie - Ms Grant

Starling - Ms Ortega

Welcome to Magpie and Starling!

In Year 4, the children begin to develop their ability to self evaluate and set their own next steps.  We continue to provide engaging opportunities for the children and aim to accelerate progress to raise standards.

In the Autumn term, we focus on London and the Thames. We take a cross curricular approach.  To link with the theme of the Thames and water, we learn about the water cycle and make waterproof devices, which we design ourselves and evaluate. We also focus on the novel Varjak Paw by S. F. Siad.

In the Spring term, our focus is the Ancient Egyptians. We refer back to the work that we did on rivers in Autumn term and compare the River Thames to the Nile, looking at how the River Nile is important to Egypt and its history. We also look at how people lived in Ancient Egyptian times and complete work on maps and locating important places. We explore stories about the different Egyptian Gods and we learn and write about Howard Carter. In science, we focus on electricity and link this to our work on Howard Carter and exploring tombs by designing and making our own torches.

During the Summer term, we learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and their settlement in Britain. Adventure stories is one of the text types we focus on. In Science we learn about sound during the first half term and move onto learning about animals, including humans during the second. We compare mountains in Britain in geography. Preparing and cooking vegetables is a focus in DT. In ICT we are creating our own wiki for the Anglo Saxons. .


This term Magpie and Starling Class will have P.E. on Thursdays and Swimming will be on a Monday for both classes. We will be following our REAL PE program to develop children’s basic core balance and agility skills. All children need to have full P.E. kit to participate. Our P.E. uniform is white t-shirt, navy/black shorts and trainers or plimsolls.


Homework, which includes spellings, literacy and numeracy, goes out on Tuesdays and should come back on Mondays. It is very important that the children read at home at least five times a week. Children that do this consistently do better at reading and writing.