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Class teachers

Butterfly - Ms Reindorp

Ladybird - Ms Casey

Welcome to Butterfly and Ladybird class!

This year is such an incredible year for your children. By the end of the year, your children will be able to read and write so this is of course an enormous transformation. We teach your children how to read and write using Phonics. We follow the government’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme using ‘Ruth Miskin’ resources.  In Mathematics, by the end of the Reception year, your children will be confident dealing with numbers from 0-20 and talking about shape. They will also have developed a range of other mathematical skills. To support you and your child with this will be running a variety of workshops throughout the year.

We cannot tell you about what books we will be reading with your children as it will spoil the surprise! However, we follow the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme which takes your child on an immersive learning journey linked to a key text. We explore one book for up to 4 weeks, really bringing it to life in an exciting way. There will be trips in the Autumn Term to a farm and to a Wildlife centre in the Summer. These trips tie in to what we are doing in class. We welcome you to come and look around our classrooms whenever you wish after school so you can see your child’s fantastic work. You will also receive regular photographic updates and observations about your child via email each term.


Butterfly class has PE sessions on a Wednesday morning and Ladybird class has PE sessions on a Thursday morning. Please can you make sure your child practises putting their shoes on and taking them off at home as this will mean they will become experts at this and there will be more time for the PE session itself. The PE session is taught through a story. The children do a range of physical activities and learn new skills e.g. ball skills, how to use gymnastic apparatus, balance and games and this is all linked to a text. It is a lot of fun!

Book Bags, Green Books and Homework

Books are changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so Book Bags need to be returned on these days. The ‘Green Books’ are how we communicate with you about your child: any successes or concerns about what is happening in school will be recorded here. You should also feel able to use the Green Books in the same way and write about what your child is doing at home. Tell us about your child’s achievements at home or anything they are struggling with. Homework Books are sent home on a Friday. There will always be handwriting to complete. This is very important because it will help your child become confident with forming letters. There may also be some additional homework linked to what we have been doing in class. It would be lovely if you could support your child with doing this as it will help further their understanding.

Mrs Reindorp and Ms Casey