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Bumble Bee & Dragonfly- Ms Van der Westhuizen

Welcome to Bumblebee and Dragonfly!

This year the children will learn skills and prepare themselves for Reception.  We are learning through play using a variety of stories to cover topics such as growth, insects, colours and food.  Some of the stories we will look at will help us to understand rules and the choices we make.  The children relate to the story of Oh No George and remembers the class rules. 

Some of the exciting stories we will look at include The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Handa’s Surprise, The Gigantic Turnip and Jack and the Beanstalk.  We will explore fruit from around the world tasting and trying fruit from different countries. 

We will have our Spring performance with Reception children.  The children work very hard to remember the words and actions of the songs. 

In Nursery we learn through play where a variety of activities are provided to challenge us.  We work hard to develop our children’s social skills and concentrate on building friendships and relationships through small group activities and circle time.  We concentrate on counting while singing Nursery Rhymes and exploring shapes in our environment. 

We send books home twice a week for you to read with your child.  Please do take the time to share a story with your child every night as it not only develop a love for books it also develops their creative thinking in role play with small world.

Ms van der West