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The Restorative Approach

Our new display in the foyer is for everyone to use whenever they need it. Restorative Practice is all about learning to repair something that may have been damaged.    Sometim…

Election Results

Exploring DEMOCRACY at Southwark Park After visiting the Houses of Parliament and meeting our local MP, Neil Coyle, children in the Eco-Club and School Council did an impressive A…


On 5 May there are elections taking place across the UK.  We decided to hold an election for the Mayor of London in school.  The school council put forward the plans of the 5 main…

Pearly King and Queen visit

Last week the Parents Association had a stall in the playground selling small items in support of the charity Homes for Heroes ( On Monday the Camber…

Parliament visit

Today the School Council and the Eco Group visited the Houses of Parliament. We arrived at the visitor centre where we had to go through security before we could enter the buil…

Year 5 Fair Trade Cafe

Year 5 have been learning about Fair Trade - what it is and what a difference it can make to the lives of farmers and producers.  Today they held a Fair Trade cafe for the two Year…

A Busy Week

Its been a busy week here at Southwark Park. The Foundation Stage children performed their show 4 times for parents.  For photos click here. On Friday Years 4-6 went to the …

Tie dying for the Foundation Stage Performance

Down in the Nursery the staff and children have been busy tie dying T shirts.  Each child brought in a white T Shirt.  The children then pulled together the fabric with elastic ban…

Rights Respecting School

Year 3 Sparrow class talked about what it means to becoming a rights respecting school. UNICEF Rights of the Child runs to 54 points (which are known as articles) 42 of these se…

Eco Group

The Eco Group meets on  Fridays with Ms Rutherford.  This year our main campaigns are - Walk to school.  Reduce pollution and save the planet. - Recycle better! - Reduce pl…

Art and Maths

Art Club Last term Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to go to an after school Art Club.  They each produced a large scale collage of pictures about their self; self-po…

Chess Club

Chess Club meets every Friday lunchtime.  The club has been meeting for approximately 2 years and we still have a founder member coming along to chess club today! Here are some…

The School Council

Today’s blog is from the School Council.  Each class, from Year 2 – Year 6, elects one person to represent the class on the school council.  The school council meets each week t…

Christmas Jumpers!

Text Santa wear a Christmas Jumper Day Today is both the last day of term and Christmas Jumper Day.  Lots of staff and children came in wearing Christmas jumpers and donated £1 to…

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch On Thursday the kitchen served Christmas lunch.  The Parents Association provided festive table cloths and a Christmas cracker for every child and the kitchen sta…

Year 6 visit to the Bank of England

A group pf Year 6 pupils went to the Bank of England this week.  They went round the museum where they learned about the history of the Bank, its buildings, and the people who hav…

Science week

Science week at Southwark Park This week has been science week in school.  We have had a science assembly and visitors to who showed us a variety of experiments.  We also did som…

Celebrating our Maths Stars

This week we have celebrated our Maths Stars in assembly. Below you can see some of them.  We were impressed by the times tables battle which resulted in a draw and by the fact…

Children in Need

Friday 13 November is Children in Need day. To support this charity, which works with children in the UK and around the world on a vast number of projects, we have: -  had a …

Tennis with Greg Rusedski

The new tennis courts in Southwark Park were opened by Greg Rusedski a former UK number 1 tennis player who is now a coach and commentator.  A group of children from the school we…


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