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Election Results

May 09, 2016

Exploring DEMOCRACY at Southwark Park

After visiting the Houses of Parliament and meeting our local MP, Neil Coyle, children in the Eco-Club and School Council did an impressive Assembly (with almost no time to rehearse and plan it!), where they showed what a debate in the House of Commons might look like. We were very proud too of the way they spoke to Neil Coyle, asking about university fees by the time they get to go there, what he thinks about academies, how he spends his time, why he chose to be an MP and where he grew up. We were a bit surprised the next week to find ourselves in the Southwark News! We are looking forward to Neil coming to visit us in school later this term.

Last week the School Council taught us a bit more about how democracy works, and helped to run a mock election for the job of London Mayor. They researched and presented information about five of the candidates in Assembly, helped to set up voting booths in the hall, checking off every child from Year 2 to Year 6 on our electoral class registers, and overseeing them fill in and post their ballot papers in the cardboard ballot box. They then gave up lunch-time to count the votes with the following results:

Name Party Number Percentage
Sadiq Khan Labour 67 25.87%
Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat 62 23.94%
Zac Goldsmith Conservative 59 22.78%
Sian Berry Green Party 39 15.06%
Peter Whittle UKIP 32 12.36%
    259 100.00%

The whole process was very exciting and we were very pleased with the mature and responsible way the children thought and talked about the issues involved. A few interesting quotes:

I wouldn’t vote for Peter Whittle because if he was in charge my best friend wouldn’t be in my class.” – Ronni in Y3.

“When I grow up I would like to be Mayor of London… I would make sure that there were houses for everyone and that nobody was homeless.” – Marie in Y4.

“If I was Mayor I would do a mixture of Labour and Lib Dem policies – build more houses, keep fares down and make the Early Bird half price travel, though I wouldn’t really want everyone to rush about early in the morning...” – Tomiwa in Y5.

Next month we might be thinking and voting about the European Referendum! 



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