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Parliament visit

Apr 18, 2016

Today the School Council and the Eco Group visited the Houses of Parliament.

We arrived at the visitor centre where we had to go through security before we could enter the building.  We watched a short video about the Houses of Parliament before splitting into two groups for our tour. 

We saw the gate where the Queen arrives when she goes to Parliament and her robing room where she puts on the crown and her red robes when she comes for the State Opening of Parliment.

We then went into the House of Lords.  The seating here is all red.  We couldn't sit down here because we are not Lords or Baronesses.

Then we walked through the members lobby and in to the House of Commons.  The seating here is green.  We we were allowed to sit down here because none of us are a Member of Parliament.

We finished our tour in the Great Hall which is nearly 1,000 years old.  Our school is the the constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark and our Member of Parliment, Neil Coyle, came down and met us in the Great Hall.

We were able to ask him questions about how he came to be an MP and what it is like working in the Houses of Parliament.

Photos of our trip are here.



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