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Year 5 Fair Trade Cafe

Mar 24, 2016

Year 5 have been learning about Fair Trade - what it is and what a difference it can make to the lives of farmers and producers.  Today they held a Fair Trade cafe for the two Year 3 classes.

They performed a role play showing the difference Fair Trade can make to peoples life; it enables them to have a better standard of living and their children to have and education.  They also read some letters written to companies such as Iceland and CostCo encouraging them to stock Fair Trade goods.

Around the room were various games - a word search, the banana split game, a quiz, some colouring, a fruit game and finally both classes had some banana bread that Year 5 had made using Fair Trade ingredients.

Everyone had a great time at the cafe and Year 5 are to be congratulated on their Fair Trade knowledge.  A great way to end the spring term.

Photos of the cafe are here.



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